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Mar 10, 2013 9:00am PDT
. the white house calls it a change of approach. republicans call it a good foundation. what do democrats say? >> if he can diffuse some of their opposition to some of these issues, bravo. >> our conversation with the top democrat in the house minority leader nancy pelosi. plus, as the president reaches out to rank and file republicans, where does that leave their leadership in our sunday exclusive with house majority whip, kevin mccarthy. then, he reemerges pushing a new book on immigration wars and raising eyebrows for not saying no to a presidential run. >> who knows what the future holds for me. i'm excited that i think we're seeing the renewal of the conservative movement in the republican party. i want to be part of that for sure. >> 2016 and the state of the republican party with former florida governor, jeb bush. plus, the long road to the next election. rand paul long talk in the senate and no more long lines for white house tours. with our political panel. anita dunn, newt gingrich, alex castellanos and donna brazile. i'm candy crowley. and this is "state of the union." >>> presiden
Mar 31, 2013 6:00am PDT
, the california odd couple. and our sunday panel on how the justices' decision this summer will or won't change the political landscape. then -- >> let us pray. >> -- ministering to an unpopular flock. an easter conversation with the chaplains of the u.s. house and senate. i'm candy crowley and this is state of the union. >>> we will get to senator lindsey graham in a moment. but first, authorities are texas are hunting for leads this morning in the murder of a county prosecutor and his wife. mike and cynthia mcclellan were shot to death inside their home in kaufman county in dallas. that is the same place this assistant district attorney, mark hasse, was gunned down in january, outside the county courthouse. i want to bring in cnn's ed lavendera, who is in kaufman. ed, tell us the latest. >> reporter: candy, this is a situation that is sending shivers down the spines of many peep who live hoar in kaufman county, texas. almost exactly two months after an assistant prosecutor here in kaufman county was gunned down as he was walking into the courthouse, a brazen attack, the district attorney, his
Mar 17, 2013 9:00am PDT
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Mar 24, 2013 6:00am PDT
. then, the supreme court set this week to hear arguments on two cases that could change the way the law treats same sex marriage. two key players join us, california attorney general kamala harris and prop 8 supporter austin nimocks. i'm candy crowley. and this is "state of the union". >>> the mass shooting at a school in columbine, colorado, and a movie theater in aurora often left the state in the unwelcomed center of the country's long debate about violence. this week the colorado governor found himself professionally and personally back in the middle again. first he learned that a good friend, colorado state prison chief tom clements, was gunned down in his own home. it was learned there soon after that a person of interest in the clements murder was an ex-con, the long troubled son of the close friend of the governor's. he died in a shootout with texas authorities following a high speed chase. he is now considered a suspect in the clements killing. authorities also suspect his involvement in the shooting death of a pizza delivery man in denver. wednesday as the tragically coinciden
Mar 24, 2013 9:00am PDT
on two cases that could change the way the law treats same-sex marriage. two key players join us, pamela harris and austin nimocks. i'm c i'm candy crawley and this is "state of the union." this week, the colorado governor found himself professionally and personally back in the middle again. first he learned that a good friend, colorado state prison tom clemens was gunned down in his own home. it was learned soon thereafter that a person of interest in the clemmen's murder was an excon, the long troubled son. he died in a shootout with authorities following a high-speed chase and is a suspect in the clemens killing. authorities suspect his involvement in the shooting death of a pizza delivery man in denver. wednesday, as the tragically coincidental story unfolded the governor signed legislation aimed cutting down on gun violence. the governor is joining me from colorado. thank you so much. busy and troubling week for you, i know. let me start with this shooting of your chief prisons official. we are learning there maybe a link and possibly this was part of a hit ordered by a white suprem
Mar 17, 2013 6:00am PDT
of author taitarianism that area of the world and was the beginning of change that altered the entire political landscape of the region and the truth is we may not know the answer to that question for another 10 or 20 years. there are a number of things that could prove that it was a mistake. one is that if iraq begins to fall apart because of continuing sectarian divisions, significant expansion, further expansion of iranian influence in iraq, and in the region, or further destabilization of the entire region. iraq, syria, libya, all have in common that they are kind of artificial creations, that through historically adversarial ethnic groups, tribes and religions and the question in all three cases, can the countries hold together repression. that's all that's held them together before. the question is what will happen going forward and as i say i think it's too soon to make that call. >> two iraq war veterans now serving in congress, tulsey gab bert and tom cotton on how their experience shaped their votes, next. none of us would want to be told we can't marry the person we love. a
Mar 3, 2013 6:00am PST
and woods where we never see them. a lot of them occur on highways because we have a change if the way the water gets into the ground by runoff. so you see roadways a lot of times get this, have this happen. for houses like this, of course having somebody in the house at the time is quite tragic. >> quite tragic and very rare. randall orndorff, geologist with the u.s. geological survey. thank you for talking with us. just to bring you up to date, you're watching pictures of the home in seffner, florida outside of tampa where jeff bush was killed on thursday night when a sinkhole opened up in his bedroom and swallowed his bed with him on it. obviously very, very sad situation for the family as crews there have had to call off trying to recover his body. they are now demolishing the house, getting started on that, hoping to recover some of his personal effects before it works the rest of the day and tomorrow. we'll keep an eye on the picture and update with developments. for now i'll hand over with my colleague candy crowley and state of the union. x xxx>>> can you feel it now? today it
Mar 3, 2013 9:00am PST
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Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)